Texto “My brain smells” no Neurociências em Debate

Donald A Wilson, Ph.D (New York University)

O blog “Neurociências em Debate“, de Ciências e Cognição, publica matéria exclusiva “My brain smells“,  do pesquisador e professor de Psiquiatria Infanto-Juvenil Donald Wilson, da New York University .


Leia a matéria em http://cienciasecognicao.org/neuroemdebate/?p=117



“The sense of smell is at once the most easily overlooked sense and at the same time perhaps the most evocative.  It is not unusual for most people to pass the entire day without any conscious awareness of smell (excepting flavor, which is actually dominated by smell).  However, smells that do reach our awareness can evoke strong reactions – from disgust at the rotting garbage at the curb, to delight and craving at the smell of fresh baked pastries. Proust famously experienced a detailed reminiscence of his aunt’s home upon smelling a tea –soaked madeleine cake, described in many pages of detail in hisRemembrance of Things Past (1913). How can a sensory system shift from near non-existence to domination of our emotions and thoughts?  How can inhalation lead to exaltation or disgust? ” (Leio o texto integral em Neurociências e Debate)

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